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Frequently Answered Questions


Are your products safe?
Absolutely. Our recordings uses sound frequencies that you come across every day. We merely harness specific frequencies to help you achieve a more enhanced state of mind for better performance and wellbeing.

Is there anyone that should NOT use your music?
Yes. We cannot recommend our products to those with a heart condition or history of seizures, or pregnant women. This isn't because we think it isn't safe, but because we ask people who fall into these categories consult a physician before trying any alternative therapies.

Do binaural beats really work?
Yes. The proven science behind binaural beats has shown binaural beats to be incredibly effective, whether used to relax, improve productivity, enhance cognitive function and memory, or even for pain management before surgeries.

How does the music work?
Specific sound wave frequencies are embedded in our music. When listening with headphones, these frequencies trigger what's known as the 'frequency response process'. This process occurs when the brain is exposed to a specific frequency for a prolonged period of time. The brain becomes entrained and aligns with the new frequency.

How long does it take to feel the effects?
It can vary from person to person. However, the vast majority of people will notice a positive improvement in their mental state after listening to just one of our tracks for a few minutes.

If you're new to binaural beats then we would recommend that you listen for a few minutes every day for at least a couple of weeks. Following this it helps to listen regularly to help you target a particular state of mind or improve your overall wellbeing. By listening on a regular basis, it will bring about habitual receptivity, so that with continuous training, the brain will move into the state most beneficial to a specific circumstance of its own accord. As an example, if you listen to a recording designed to help you relax every evening when you get home from work, over time the brain will naturally move into a relaxed state when you arrive home.

When used habitually, our music will increase your overall wellbeing and improve your general quality of life.

How often should I listen?
We recommend no more than 3 recordings per day, and 2 for beginners, and we suggest using the recordings in a way that is most conducive to the state you are trying to achieve.

Is it best to be sitting or lying down when listening? Do I need close my eyes?
This depends on your preference and the nature of the recording. For example, if you want to meditate, then we would recommend sitting upright in a comfortable chair unless you're healthy and flexible enough to sit in a traditional, cross-legged position on the floor. If you're listening to our RELAX recording and just want to unwind after a hard physical day then it may be better to lie down.

In both of these cases it's best to close your eyes as it will block out external distractions.

If, however, you're working on your laptop and listening to binaural beats to improve your level of focus then you should be sitting in the position you normally sit in to work. And obviously, closing your eyes may be counter productive under these circumstances.

Try and find the position that works best for you, depending on the goal you're trying to achieve while listening to the recording.

Can I listen to the music while I am moving around or working?
We recommend that your actions align with the purpose of the music.

If you want to have a lucid dream then you need to be lying down and listening to LUCID DREAMS recording while drifting back to sleep.

However, if you're focusing on a practical task then yes you can move around.

However, due to the relaxing nature of our recordings, we don't recommend that you drive, operate machinery, or any other activity where you can cause harm to yourself or others.

Do you have any information that can help me get the most out of binaural beats?
Check out our blog which will be packed full of information on how to get the best out of binaural beats.

Buying & Downloading

Do you sell CD versions of your music?

No. Due to lack of demand, it's not cost effective to do so . However, you are more than welcome to burn your own CDs of our music at home.

How do I access my meditation downloads once I've paid?
Once you checkout via our secure payment system, you will receive an email with a link to your downloads. (Please not, this is separate to the email you will receive with your order confirmation). After this, you can right click on your download links to save the files to your computer.

How do I save my meditation downloads to my computer?
On both Mac & PC, when you click on the .mp3 file it is likely that the track will start playing in the browser window. In this instance, simply right-click on the player and choose to save the file to your computer.

On some browsers, you may be presented with a dialogue box that enables you to name your file and select the location you want to download to. It is a good idea to choose a folder such as 'Downloads', which is most likely your default downloads folder.

On the Windows Edge browser, a pop-up box will appear asking you what action you want to take with the file. Click 'Save As' to name the file and choose your download location.

I didn't get my download link, what now?
Check your spam folder first. Sometimes annoying email bots put our emails in there. If it's not there, no worries, simply drop us an email and we'll send you a new link immediately.

How do I play my music in iTunes or Windows Media Player?
For iTunes > locate the folder on your computer where your downloads (.mp3s) are saved. Now open iTunes. Go back to the folder where your downloads are stored and drag and drop one .mp3 into the iTunes window, or drag and drop it onto the iTunes icon in your taskbar. Alternatively, you can right-click on the file and select 'open with' > iTunes.

For Windows Media Player > if your default player is WMP, simply 'double click' on the file and it will open automatically. If your default player is set to another program but you would like to play your meditations in WMP, 'right click' on the file, select 'open with' and choose Windows Media Player. 

Mobiles, Tablets & IOS Issues

How can I download my music to my iPhone/iPad/iPod?
Unfortunately, iOS mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod don't allow .mp3 or .zip file downloads from the browser. You may be able to stream the .mp3 links in the browser window on your iOS device but not actually download the file to iTunes on your device as standard.

There are a number of apps that claim to solve this issue, but in our experience they are fiddly and often don't provide a simple solution.

We recommend the easiest way, which is to first download the tracks to a desktop or laptop computer (Mac or PC). Once downloaded, locate the files on your computer and drag and drop them into iTunes. Once in iTunes, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer via the transfer cable. You can now sync your music library or drag and drop the tracks to the device (the device window) just as you would when normally transferring music to your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

There is an Apple tutorial with screenshots showing exactly how to do this here on the Apple support site:

How can I download my music to my Android phone/tablet?
Unlike iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, Android mobile devices work like PC computers and are very download friendly. You will be able to download either the .mp3 or .zip file to your Android device without issue. However, if you download the .zip file, you may need to have an un-archiver/extractor app install to unzip the .zip file. Many Android devices have an app installed by default to do this for you.

I changed computer/broke my Mp3 player and my Binaural Beats Studios music is gone!
No worries! Because we offer a lifetime replacement guarantee, you can simply drop us an email with your order number and we will provide you with new download links.

Have further questions? If we've missed anything then simply contact us and we'll get you an answer right away.