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60 mins, mp3
Brainwave State: 60 mins, mp3
Description: Ambient music blended with high-quality binaural beats to help you achieve a blissful state of relaxation. Simply download, slip on your headphones, press play and get relaxed.

(Listen with stereo headphones. Due to the relaxing nature of this recording, avoid listening while driving or operating machinery.)

How would you like to say goodbye to stress and achieve a relaxed, zen-like state at the push of a button?

Discover the secret to bliss now by Relaxing with Binaural Beats.

    It’s a sad fact… We’ve become more stressed-out than ever before.

    With the never-ending demands of modern-day life combined with a relentless pressure that seems to come from every direction, it can become difficult to breathe at times.

    … Do you ever feel

    • Anxious?
    • Stressed out?
    • Gloomy?
    • Depressed?
    • As though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders???

      Does this sound familiar?

       If it does, then you’ll want to read on…

      Because we’ve all been there. There’s nothing worse than feeling helpless in life, right? But, what if there was a way to change all of that? What if you could find a way to flip the script and watch by as all the stress, strain, and anxiety seems to evaporate into thin air.

      Sounds too easy to be true?

      Before you give up, just take a second to ponder the following…

      Think about a time when you were around someone with a genuinely calming presence… Being around them seems to give you comfort and security… Even when faced with adversity… They give you an overwhelming feeling of ease.

       You see, some individuals have trained their minds to be this way. Whether they’re aware of it or not, they have access to an entire state of “calm.” Like a ship that remains afloat through a wild storm, these people seem to sail through and keep going… Through the good times and the bad.

      And what about the true masters of calm?

      …Have you ever been around a Zen monk in real life? It’s an experience that makes you pay attention.  Everything about their being is tranquil. For a seasoned monk, this comes from years and years of practice. They literally meditate for hours and hours every single day.

      By now, it’s obvious what you’re thinking…

      “So, if I want to learn how to relax and be peaceful like a monk, do I have to devote all my time to meditation…? And why not shave my head while I’m at it…?”

      NO, first of all, you do not have to shave your head… Or devote your life to meditation… So, before you hand in you resign from your job, sell your house and book a one-way flight to Tibet, maybe you’d like to consider using Binaural Beats. This is where…

      The ancient traditions of the East meet cutting-edge technology of the West

      By now, Binaural Beats have become so popular that you’re probably already familiar with how they work…. Or you've at least heard of them…

      However, If binaural beats are completely new to you, then here is what they can do for you…

      • Binaural beats technology helps you achieve the powerful effects of long-term meditation with the touch of a button.
      • Binaural beats can enable you to “switch on” a state of relaxation without having to do anything.

      Put simply, binaural beats are two audio tones that get played through each of your ears, independently. You can achieve this by listening with stereo headphones.

      Golden artistic brain function image

      Very precise wavelengths are used for each tone.

      From here, your brain recognizes the difference between the two wavelengths, essentially creating a third tone. This third tone has the ability to influence your brainwave activity, transforming your mindset into a much calmer state.

      Imagine the possibilities… Hours, days, weeks, years of built-up stress evaporating into thin air at the push of a button.

      The science may sound too good to be true, which is why you may want to take a moment to review scientific studies that have proven the benefits of binaural beats.

      What are all the benefits can you expect?

      For a start, how would you like to:

      • Boost your creativity?
      • Enhance your learning and memory?
      • Reduces stress?
      • Manage impulsiveness?
      • Deal with anxiety?
      • Improve your physical health?
      • Become happier?
      • Achieve a state of inner peace that you never thought was possible in a million years?

      Introducing Relax by Binaural Beats Studios

      Relax album cover and ebook guide

      RELAX is a 60-minute mp3 audio track that’s been expertly designed to enhance your mind, body, and soul using binaural beat technology.

      It couldn’t be easier to use. Simply download, slip on your headphones and press play.

      You also get an invaluable FREE How to Relax Ebook, a no-nonsense guide that will instantly make you a more relaxed person in life.

      • The relaxing music is expertly composed and produced to gently evoke the senses in a way that moves you into deep relaxation.
      • The binaural beats alpha waves will guide your brain into the optimal state for meditation that accomplished meditators typically experience.
      • Both relaxing music and binaural beats have been carefully blended and produced to perfection by our studio specialist to work harmoniously with one another, creating a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

      Once you emerge from this alpha wave journey, you’ll feel clear-headed, calm, composed and in a state of natural ease.

      Man with white headphones

      There are plenty of binaural beats products on the market and it is recommended that you check them out to find the ‘best one’ for you. However, with this Binaural Beats Studios product, you’re getting:

      • Professionally engineered audio with optimal wavelength for relaxation.
      • Ambient music, composed with the perfect blend of tones and harmonies to enhance and optimize your state of relaxation.
      • High-quality, crystal clear audio. Unfortunately, too many recordings out there use low-grade equipment that doesn’t get the job done properly.
      • FREE How to Relax guide – This will take you a matter of minutes to read and could change your life forever, helping you to relax with some simple but super-effective techniques.
      • Generous Guarantee – We only want to help you change your life for the better. Therefore, if you’re not 100% happy, you have 3 whole days to let us know and we’ll refund your money.

      RELAX isn’t just to help you kick back and relax. You can also listen to the track while:

      • Studying to help you focus
      • Taking a relaxing and refreshing powernap
      • Doing something creative
      • Visualizing yourself being the best version of yourself.

      Warning: due to the relaxing nature of the recording, avoid driving or operating machinery while listening.

      How do I use binaural beats

      Using binaural beats is easy. All you have to do is:

      • Find yourself a quiet location where you can fully relax without being disturbed by the outside world.
      • Use stereo headphones (Unless you bought your headphones before the year 2000, they’re almost certainly ‘stereo’ headphones). You need to use stereo headphones because each ear hears a different sound frequency.
      • Lay or sit down comfortably.
      • Press play and continue listening as long as you’re comfortable. Even as little as 2 – 5 minutes can be extremely beneficial.
      • As you listen, you can place your attention on your breathing, or simply zone-out and enjoy some down-time.

      In case you're wondering, here's what our customers are saying about RELAX:

        Having to constantly juggle between a demanding job and family life is no easy struggle. What RELAX gives me is a chance to take a time-out for a few mins during the day. It’s the perfect recharge tool. ”

        “I love this recording!!! It’s the ultimate relaxation aid. The music just sends my body to sleep and lets my mind drift. It feels incredible.”

        “Binaural beats have made me such a happier and more relaxed person in life. It's a no-brainer and listening to relax is now an integral part of my daily routine... and I’m so much better for it.”

        Isn’t it time you waved goodbye to stress and said hello to a calmer, relaxed and happier version of YOU?

        Get RELAX by BINAURAL BEATS STUDIOS and your FREE How To Relax Guide now and start enjoying a better version of yourself, today.

        Download now and start relaxing properly today. It could change your life forever...