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Ready to take control of your dreams and start lucid dreaming now? HYPNOSIS FOR LUCID DREAMERS is our most powerful audio product yet, and the first of its kind.

It will give you the ability to have a lucid dream, like nothing you ever imagined.

All you have to do is listen with headphones and we will guide you, allowing your mind and body to enter a state of deep relaxation where you will experience total tranquility... From here, we will prepare your mind for lucid dreaming as you drift off to sleep, ready to become the master of your dreams.

HYPNOSIS FOR LUCID DREAMERS is an MP3 download featuring:

- Binaural Beats Theta waves to help your mind enter the theta state.
- Meditation music composed for deep relaxation.
- Spoken word hypnosis and NLP to guide your subconscious into a state of tranquility and get you lucid dreaming.

It's incredibly easy to use. Simply plug in your headphones and press play as soon as you’re ready to begin lucid dreaming, and let us guide you. Listening with headphones isn’t just essential for binaural beats to work, it will also ensure you become fully immersed in the experience and allow yourself to lucid dream.

Guide your brainwaves to the optimal lucid dream state

  • Dreaming occurs when your brain waves are in the theta state. That’s why we’ve embedded binaural beats theta waves that entrain your brain to be in the optimal state for lucid dreaming.

Music composed to make you relax

  • As the binaural beats go to work, the meditation music has been harmoniously composed to accentuate a state of bliss.


  • Hypnotic language patterns, artfully blended in a way that communicates with your unconscious, allowing you to relax deeply, in a natural way, setting you up to lucid dream. This goes way beyond mere affirmations which can often be ignored by your brain.

Get the results you want

  • To lucid dream, you have to believe it’s possible. You have to see yourself lucid dreaming and understand what it feels like. NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) language patterns and techniques have been used to set you up for success and get you lucid dreaming.

    Highest quality audio

    • Some audios lack the quality to be effective. In fact, they can hinder your ability to lucid dream and take you out of the theta state. That’s why we only use the latest in production techniques and industry-standard technologies to produce the highest quality audio products available.

    MP3 download

    • After buying, you’ll receive an MP3 download that you can start using right away.

    In case you’re wondering, here’s what our customers are saying:

    “I had my first lucid dream with Binaural Beats Studios download. It was mind-blowing and awe-inspiring. Call it beginner's luck but  I couldn’t believe how effective the recording worked...”

    “I’d been trying to lucid dream for ages. I tried a lot of downloads and read a lot of guides. None of them worked. That changed when I was told about Binaural Beats Studios. This recording was the missing piece of the puzzle… ”


    “Soooo effective. All you have to do is listen to the track before your normal wakeup time. I can literally go and do anything I want. It’s sensational. My dreams are incredible and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. What are you waiting for???”


    jon from binaural beats studiosHi, my name is Jon and my audio products have helped thousands around the world. For over ten years I've been perfecting my production skills while meditating, lucid dreaming, practicing NLP and hypnosis and teaching others to access their own state of inner-tranquility. I'm very proud of this product. It combines the very best of what I've learned and developed over the last decade.


    Please note that this audio is for those who are already familiar with reality checks and other essential lucid dreaming habits. If you're not ready for this audio then we first recommend downloading LUCID DREAMS and reading the accompanying guide.

    How to download

    After purchasing, you'll receive two emails. One to confirm your order and another with a link to download your track.

    Once you purchase this product, I want you to be 100% happy with it!  If not, let us know within 3 days and we'll refund you. Please see our refund policy for full details.