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How To Have A Lucid Dream With Binaural Beats

Are you trying to have your first lucid dream? Are you searching for a way to supercharge your lucid dreaming potential?


Binaural beats can help you to relax, sleep, and open your mind up to whole new realms of creativity.

Just what you need for lucid dreaming, right? 

There’s just one problem…

There’s a lot of bad information out there. Yes, binaural beats are an infinitely powerful tool, but only if you use them right. That’s why you need to continue reading to discover how to lucid dream with binaural beats the right way.

What actually are binaural beats?

Binaural beats are sounds that you listen to that help you achieve a specific state of mind.

Imagine that you want to become more relaxed…

When you’re already in a relaxed state of mind, your brainwaves will have a certain frequency.

When you want to relax, you simply listen to binaural beats of that specific frequency and your brainwaves will naturally shift into the same frequency, making you more relaxed.

Binaural beats is a technology that utilizes two precise audio wavelengths of different frequencies that are introduced into each ear independently. Your brain processes this activity by recognizing the difference in frequency.

This is where the magic happens as we can use this technology to influence your mindset, whether you want to access deep states of relaxation, focus, or creativity.

Do binaural beats actually work?

Yes. There have been many scientific studies that have proven the effectiveness of binaural beats 

In fact, they’ve been around for nearly two centuries after being discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839 where he published his findings in the scientific journal Repertorium der Physik.

For them to work, however, you have to do one thing.

Remember to listen with headphones.

Do binaural beats make you lucid dream?

There are many claims out there that binaural beats miraculously make you lucid dream.

Binaural beats can be extremely powerful but there is a little more to it when it comes to lucid dreaming.

Remember that the key to lucid dreaming is becoming “aware” that you’re dreaming. If you can’t become “aware” then you can’t lucid dream.

So, what can binaural beats do?

Binaural beats can help to enhance your REM sleep. More on that shortly, but maximizing and optimizing is a must if you want to lucid dream.

Binaural beats also help your mind and body to relax. The stress and anxiety evaporates and allows you to become fully immersed in a state of mind that’s conducive to vivid, lucid dreaming.

What is the best frequency for lucid dreaming

To have a lucid dream you can’t use any old binaural beats recording. Some frequencies may have you feeling ultra-alert and others may send you to a deep and dreamless sleep… Not what we want for lucid dreaming.

Therefore, you need to have a high-quality binaural beats recording that’s specialized for lucid dreaming. One that replicates a state of abundant dreaming.

You need your body and mind to enter the “theta” state.

This is when your brain wave activity slows down to a frequency of around 4 - 7 Hz. It’s when the brain is in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and when you have vivid dreams. You’re usually primed for this state after being asleep for 6 hours.

Therefore, if you go to bed at 11 PM, then expect your REM sleep to start revving up at 5 AM.

Can I listen to binaural beats while sleeping

Binaural beats can be great for helping you drift off to sleep at night.

Also, one of the most pleasurable and rejuvenating things you can do is to take a short nap while listening to a relaxing binaural beats track.

Just ensure you have a comfortable pair of headphones on.

woman listening to binaural beats with headphones while asleep

Can music make you lucid dream

Music will not directly cause you to have a lucid dream.

However, it can help.

This is because music can change your mood. We’ve all experienced it when a song comes on the radio and it suddenly reminds us of someone or something. Memories and emotions come flooding back to us.

When it comes to lucid dreaming and music, here are two tips:

  • Listen to music that gives you peace. This will induce a state of relaxation that allows you to dream.
  • Listen to the same track every time you try to lucid dream. This helps let your mind know that it’s time to have a lucid dream.

Best music for lucid dreaming

As we’ve discussed, the best music for lucid dreaming will help you achieve a state of relaxation. Whether classical, jazz, ambient or heavy metal, all of us are different and have our preferences.

When it comes to lucid dreaming, most people favor ambient music, with peaceful and well-timed synthetic sweeps.

Well-composed ambient music naturally induces relaxation, allowing your muscles to relax and the body to become soothed into a state of bliss.

Man listening to binaural beats studios albumsWhen mixed with theta wave binaural beats, you’re optimizing your mind, body, and soul for lucid dreaming.

While a lot of tracks on YouTube and other platforms may come with big promises, many lack the sound quality to truly enhance your state of relaxation.

Another problem is that many of them haven’t engineered the binaural beats properly, meaning you’re not getting a genuine theta-wave binaural beats experience.

If you’re investing your time and energy to lucid dream and acquire this life-changing skill then it’s always recommended that you use a high-quality binaural beats music that’s engineered specifically for lucid dreaming.