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Binaural Beats Frequencies

What state of mind to you want to be in?

This is the first question to ask before listening to binaural beats.

Before listening to any binaural beats track, make sure you have the right frequency.

Once you know what you want your mindset to be, select a binaural beats recording that has the right frequencies. This will allow you to achieve your desired mindset.

What are the different binaural beats frequencies?


There are five classes of brain wave frequencies. These are:

Delta waves (1 – 4Hz)

 Your brain produces delta waves when you’re in deep sleep. During this time, your mind and body will be healing and restoring. It’s a time for recharging, ready for the next day. 

Theta waves (4 – 8Hz)

You’ll naturally find yourself in the theta frequencies when you’re in light, dreamy, REM sleep. It’s also the state of mind you’ll reach if you meditate regularly and are able to achieve a deepened meditative state.

Alpha waves (8 – 12Hz)

 When you’re awake but in a calm and relaxed state, your brain will be in the realm of alpha wave frequencies. Try meditating for a few minutes and you’ll drift into this state. Alpha is about far more than just being relaxed, it’s also a great mindset for accessing your creative potential, absorbing information and allowing you to have a relaxed focus. 

Beta waves (12 – 30Hz)

If you’re like most people, you probably spend a lot of your waking hours in the beta state. It’s the ideal mindset for rapid problem Solving, focused Attention, engagement, and cognitive thinking.

Gamma waves (30Hz +)

Gamma waves and the set of frequencies when your brain wave patterns are most active. While they are still seen as a bit of a mystery by the scientific community, they’re associated with cognitive processing and higher conscious perception.

Binaural beats best frequency

 So, what’s the best binaural beats frequency for you?

That depends on the answer to the original question… What state of mind do you want to be in?

  • If you want to unwind, destress, or access your imaginative potential, then listen to alpha waves.
  • If you want to sharpen your mind to focus on some urgent work, then beta waves are more appropriate.
  • If you want to lucid dream, then theta wave binaural beats will mimic the REM dream state.

Are you ready to access your desired state of mind with binaural beats? 

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